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Recent news stories have reported a phenomenon that most knew existed: there is a gap in the use of text messaging between younger and older cell phone owners. Reports vary but indications are those 12 to 30 years of age account for 80% of text messaging usage.

Because of the instantaneous nature of texting and the tiny keypads and screens on a cell phone, an entire language has developed around text messaging. For those cell phone owners who do not make use of text messaging, the intricacies of this language can make messages almost incomprehensible. This language is abbreviated for speed and ease of use. It is a rather phonetic language where single letters or numbers may stand for entire words, such as “Y” for “why” or “8″ for “ate”. Vowels may be omitted to further reduce keystrokes, such as “btwn” for “between” and capitalization and punctuation are rare. Acronyms are used for phrases and whole sentences such as “ADBB” for “all done, bye, bye”. Symbols are also common in text messaging language.Mobile to Mobile SMS - Text Messaging

Non-verbal communication such as facial expression and tone of voice have been said to express more meaning than words themselves in a spoken message. In any form of written communication this is lacking. This is particularly true in text messaging. Knowing whether the phrase “thts gr8t” (that’s great), is expressing something positive or sarcastic is important when communicating. Texting allows the user to create “emoticons” or “smileys” to add the tone to a comment. For instance, “thts gr8t :) ” would give the statement a positive meaning while typing “THTS GR8T” would indicate a shout for excitement.

Because of the uniqueness of the communication, those who do not make use of messaging on their cell phone are at a loss then for understanding or communicating in this texting language: the language of their children, grandchildren, younger co-workers, and many others. Certainly knowing the language of those with whom there is a need to communicate is a tremendous advantage.

Text messaging with a cell phone can offer other advantages that non-users might want to consider as well. Text messaging is less expensive than talk time and allows the user to communicate basic messages without incurring unnecessary expense. Text messaging can also be a great way of remaining accessible without creating a disturbance. Obviously, when taking a cell phone call in a meeting or in a crowded area, all those nearby are disrupted as the call is answered and conversation ensues. With text messaging others are seldom aware that an interruption has even occurred. One other distinct advantage of text messaging over voice calling can be the ease of communicating via cell phone with a person who has hearing impairment.

There are a number of ways to dive into the world of cell phone texting. One method used by many parents is to consult a child who is a habitual user of text messaging. However, for those on their own in the endeavor there are many resources to consult. Online, netlingo provides references to assist cell phone owners in learning the vocabulary of text messaging. Another site, lingo2word offers a translator to assist cell phone owners in composing a text message or to translate a text message they receive into plain English. Other sites can assist with texting in other languages such as Transclick Inc. which, for a fee, will translate text messages in real time. A visit to the local bookstore or to Amazon will also reveal a number of reference books that can be invaluable for beginners.

Certainly, use of text messaging can be a challenge for those who are unaccustomed to what at first glance appears to be a more impersonal method of communication or for whom it may merely be a foreign or unnecessary concept. However, learning and using text messaging can certainly open the doors of communication to a broader audience just as learning any second language.


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Helpful Tips – How To Interpret Search Engine Results To Select Mobile “SMS” Text Messaging

In this “who’s going to bail me out?” recession, every small business owner (including online affiliate marketers), large corporate officers, national government civil servants are scrambling for a way to cut spending, increase internal efficiency & revenue without burning up their net profit. Efficiency experts agree that the first aggressive strategy is to select, then start an instant enhanced communication method with consumers, employees and constituents, as cheaply and effectively as possible. And if the small business owners, corporate leaders, and even national (and local) government agency civil servants fail in this arena, their businesses will suffer severe declining net profits and eventually die! Did you realize that?

Okay, so in other words, they are warning us that instant, cheap, effective, user-friendly communication is the key to prosperity in business and government in the future! So then, here’s the pink elephant in the room–Have YOU developed such a plan for your affiliate online business systems, small business, corporation, government agency, or even your family? Do you know anyone in that particular hot spot? Oh, hat’s right, you’re the one with the migraine! So, let’s work on relieving some pressure, shall we? But we need a jumping-off point–So let’s start with what we already know okay?

WE MUST COMMUNICATE! Communication is king in any relationship–which is why mobile devices are so popular and effective! Did you know according to expert analysts of the Android, iPad & iPhone (Steve Jobs–may he RIP) sales, there are over 500 BILLION mobile devices today? There are only about 6 BILLION PEOPLE ON THE PLANET! Can you imagine a Pigmy somewhere in the Sahara desert with a smart phone or an iPad? Well, somebody is paying for them!

Communication is not limited to internal business submit links and connections; you MUST find a way to reach your customers, clients, patrons, constituents with vital information, offers, or discounts directly to survive! But how–and how much will it cost you?

Enter stage left==>Mobile Text or “SMS” messaging media, as it is more commonly called. It is the ONLY MEDIUM BY WHICH AN “INSTANT” MESSAGE CAN BE RECEIVED GLOBALLY! The good news is that the “receivers” have their equipment in place (with smart phone users outnumbering computer users by a ratio of about 5:1 & growing rapidly at the time of this writing!). They carry mobile devices clipped to handbags & straps, on belt loops & buckles, on planes, trains, & automobiles–Everywhere they go, their cell phone goes. Yes, even the bathroom! Ready, willing, and able to receive your text message!

Your activities change at a moment’s notice with limited space to catch your breath before time drives us to next change. The stats above prove that your employees & customers are well equipped for your updates, lickety-split, but are YOU ready to deliver? How do you deliver those invaluable text messages? Remember, happy customers are REPEAT customers, which is the life’s blood of business. Which is why you need these helpful tips for choosing the right “Mobile Text Messaging “SMS” service provider” for your business. So, let’s get down to business (pardon the pun).


Who do you trust to deliver your instant messages at a low price? Is your business website mobile ready? Do you know what that really means? How would you be sure to get your mobile business website search engine optimized with the right keywords & with the right user set-up, other than by personal referral? Introducing the mobile text “SMS” message service provider–Tah-da!

To find one, you would probably start by using reputable online search engines like, Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask Jeeves, Go Daddy, etc right? Then you select–”click” on the first page submitted links or titles to the websites on the 1st page that you want to check out. According the these popular search engines, 97% of people DO NOT explore or “research” past page 1. That means that 9 chances out of 10, you are going to do business with the companies listed on the first page (Actually within the first 5 listings). After all, who has time to explore 100 pages of information? Which leads us to TIP #1–

DO NOT STOP at the 1st search engine page–Do you believe that first page listings in search engines offer the best text messaging “SMS” services? Most people do, but this is the most costly budget-busting mistake! You see, search engines are not people. Which means they can not decipher company accountability, cost-effectiveness, etc. Simply stated, it is a sophisticated calculating machine. The more website “recognition” via links to other websites, clicks to the site, “likes” on Facebook, +1′s, Twitter Tweets, keyword phrases used on the website (the words you type in the search bar when looking for something), along with way too many other “cal-cu-late-able” variables to explain in this tip, lands a website on the front page of a reputable search engine! That DOES NOT mean the website or service will perform a high-quality, affordable, effective text marketing campaign for your business. It DOES mean that they may have paid lots of money to an API technician or webmaster who implemented great search engine optimized techniques so that their information gets viewed first by you–the weary and eye-strained, “are we done yet” researcher! The search engine calculator can only tell you the “most popular” site, but this kind of popularity is faked easily if you know enough technology!

BE PATIENT AND THOROUGH–your business’s life expectancy demands it! Typing a mobile marketing keyword phrase like “best sms text messaging service” on Google, should be the tippy-tip of the research iceberg–if you care about repeat customers, effectiveness & profits! You may have to sift through the first listings to uncover a profit producing, text ad message delivery plan that’s right for you or your agency–but isn’t your livelihood worth it?

Always check the Alexa, or the Federal Trade Commission Website Complaint Department!Alexa is arguably the premiere web information company; they boast over 6,000,000 visitors a month with good reason–They supply trusted and free analytical information to help you make smarter online decisions. But remember, just because a site has a lower rank than others in Alexa, does NOT mean that it’s a bad business. If the site or service is revolutionary with new ideas, it’s probably only had a short time to “rank” with them. You can always double-check website cons and fraudulent emails with the Federal Trade Commission.


BEWARE of websites that offer to let you “Try it free for 30 Days” and “Download It Here” either with or without a credit card! The object here is to get you to download their virus, ad-ware, spyware-ridden product! Grabbing all of your vital company & personal information is a cinch from there! Most legitimate mobile text marketing companies will allow you a trial period for a nominal fee, which leads to the next tip!

LIMIT YOUR TRIAL PERIOD TO FRIENDS, FAMILY OR A FEW TRUSTED CUSTOMERS ONLY! Do not involve your entire customer base! And ask them to pass you message to at least one other phone. By doing this, you will be able to get instant quality feed-back on whether your ads were delivered accurately, timely, and whether you company charged you for “other messages delivered outside of your service plan”. This tip will alleviate extreme irritation and allow you to “work out the kinks” BEFORE you subject your customers to something that doesn’t work well and they blame YOU FOR INCOMPETENCE!

READ THE FINE PRINT! The majority of so-called inexpensive or free text messaging services that you will spend hours to research, are condensed as follows–you pay inital start-up fees, 1st (and sometimes last) month’s service fee up front. Then you pay for your mobile application (the cute little logo icon that shows up on your client’s phone when the opt-in to receive your messages), you can also pay to use their website if you don’t have one (while they secretly market their products & services to YOUR customers! Don’t be mad, you didn’t ask when you joined–that’s “non-disclosure”). In addition, you pay for each message sent and with some SMS delivery plans, messages received or FORWARDED! Oh yeah, once your (customer) list gets bigger, you will probably outgrow the first cheaper text message service plan. So “We’ll just charge the overage to the credit card you gave us until you can select a new way more expensive plan AND re-pay us more money to reset your account–Oh, and BTW, we can’t actually PROVE we delivered your messages. Is that ok? Great, sign here!” Are you getting the picture? These are not exaggerations they have already happened to business owners, online affiliate marketers, civil servant workers, just like you! Caveat emptor = Let the buyer beware.

Does this stoke a fire under your butt to more aggressively interview your mobile text message service? Good! Then Let’s move on–Yes, there is more!

Think like your “life’s blood”–That is, your CUSTOMERS! Would you like a tsunami of unauthorized advertising traffic messages crashing your cell phone? Of course not! Make sure that the service you select can prove that it is “friendly”, which means they must be able to prove that your customer actually approved messages from you BEFORE you waste money–credits texting. This one little mistake has already proven deadly already to several small businesses across the country.

Again, think like your “life’s blood!” Would you be angry if you signed up to get “special deal” texts from your favorite restaurant, department store or some such–you made a special trip to get the special & discovered that it wasn’t available? How many times would that have to happen before you would stop doing business with that establishment? Make sure you can EDIT TEXTS IMMEDIATELY OR PLACE AN EXPIRATION TIME LIMIT ON YOUR TEXT MESSAGES! Most services can not allow this because they can not guarantee timely delivery, nor proof of delivery! However, there is one text message “SMS” service company that does!

Last Tip–think like your “life’s blood!” Do they pay for text messages individually? Can the SMS service send your ad to your customer’s email instead of their phone, or send to both at no extra charge to you? And what if your customer forwards your message to their friends via Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn? What if your text ad “accidentally” goes viral? Do you pay extra for the forwarded texts and tweets? Most companies DO charge you more money for everything mentioned here, so be aware. Again, there is only one company that alleviates all this headache–that is the good news for you reading this article!

Think about this–How is will this text message service increase my bottom line? If you can only think of one income-stream, the service that you are considering is probably not the best service for your business.

Out of the top 10 text message services researched to compile this article using the keyword phrase and search engines mentioned above, there is only one company with the latest proprietary technology and revolutionary ideology that offers affordable mobile text “SMS” messaging service at it’s very best to every mobile device, not just cell phones. They were on page 6 of Google, p.15 of Yahoo, p.4 of Ask Jeeves, p.9 of Bing, and p.7 of Go-Daddy with that particular keyword phrase–Talk about a platinum needle in a haystack–Whew!

There will surely be copycat’s of that “one” company in the future, but today you simplified the search engine labyrinth, and gained new understanding on the topic of mobile text SMS services.

Think about this–How can text message service increase my bottom line? If you can only think of one income-stream, the service that you are considering is not the best mobile text service available.

Whichever service you decide to add, these helpful tips will be of tremendous value to discover the easiest and most affordable text message “SMS” service to enhance communication between you and your customers.

Sweet Relief for the “mini-migraine” caused by search engine research & comparison shopping of Mobile Text “SMS” Message Service. Enter your free access code: 18263 today! Then breathe a sign of relief ’cause you found the platinum needle and picked the WINNER! Now go forth and be prosperous!

Roslyn M. Johnson, minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ since age 16 (still not perfect, just forgiven), specializing in relationship counseling. Teacher of At-Risk Youth ages 6-18 years old. Preacher, teacher & author of several dozen published blogs, online bible studies, articles, short-stories and poetry. She is also a small business owner, real estate agent, and passionate leader in her community!

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How Text Messaging Started

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Text messaging or commonly called texting is the process of sending short messages from a mobile phone. The latest mobile phones are capable of sending as much as 20 pages containing 160 characters. These messages are commonly called SMS, texts or text messages.

Text messaging technology uses an SMS gateway to hook up any mobile SMS service to an existing instant message service, Word Wide Web, PDA devices, personal computers and to any landline phone. Some devices with Bluetooth devices can connect to a mobile phone similar to a modem sending SMS through wireless networks. SMS have been widely used with either GSM or non GSM systems.

Basically, text messaging intends to provide a means of sending message to one person to another no matter where they are as long as there is signal coverage from the mobile providers. This service is also used for automated systems primarily for the purpose of purchasing products and services for mobile phone. Text messaging is also widely used in many contests.

According to some companies, the first ever text message was sent during 1989 by Edward Lantz who is a former NASA employee. The text message was sent through a Motorola beeper. The message was consist of numbers which is read upside down in order to read the message.

On December 3, 1992 in the United Kingdom, the first SMS messaging was used in a commercial sent through a Vodafone GSM network. The SMS message was sent by Neil Papworth with the use of a desktop computer. The SMS contains the word Merry Christmas sent to Richard Jarvis from Vodafone through a handset device model Orbitel 901. For the GSM systems, the first SMS using a Nokia phone was sent by an engineering student, Riku Pihkonen.

At first, text messaging did not gain popularity immediately since it was designed primarily for the hearing impaired. Since 1995 only a few messages were sent through SMS. But during the year 2000, there have been a gradual increase in the use of text messaging.

As the text messaging system developed, more and more people switched to texting as a cheaper form of communication. Based on statistics, Finland, Norway and Sweden have 72% of the total population are using text messaging. In Europe and North America, there are over 85% users of SMS.

Among the Asian countries, the Philippines have the largest population of mobile subscribers who uses text messaging as a means of communication. An average of 20 text messages is being sent daily by a subscriber. Because of this, the Philippines have been considered as the text capital of the world. On 2007 alone, there are 42.70 million people who are subscribers of mobile phones.

According to the Global Messaging Survey conducted by Nokia, text messaging has been proven to be an addictive activity. It was confirmed by a study by the University of Queensland which is based in Australia.

It is interesting to note that text messaging brought about a text lingo. These are abbreviations of words developed to save on character space, and because inputting complete words are more tiresome. Another reason is that most mobile phones do not have QWERTY keyboards of personal computers.

For more information on Free Text Messaging and Cingular text messaging please visit our website.


Text Messaging Effects

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Text messaging is so popular that in North America as of 2006 estimates, 40% of all cell phone users actively use SMS. In Europe the average is 85%. Throughout the world, the use of text messaging is rapidly expanding.  The average American teenager, according to Nielsen, will send and receive, on average, 2,272 text messages per month. Simple math tells you this equates to nearly 80 messages a day.  In the year 2000, an estimated 17 billion text messages were sent. By 2004, that number reached nearly 500 billion.  That change is staggering, because it equates to almost 85 text messages for every person in the world.

Is Text Messaging a Good Thing or a Bad Thing?

The popularity of text messaging has placed people in both positive and negative situations. For example, former US Representative, Anthony Wiener had his whole life turn upside down because of a sexting scandal.  This is just one example of many text messaging transgressions that have taken place in the political arena.

On a more positive note, text messaging is successfully utilized as a source of information and reminders. One of the best examples of the positive use of text messaging rests in the hand of credit card companies.  They provide reminders to card holders of upcoming due dates and minimum payment amounts. Patrons can now use their smart phones with internet capabilities to pay their bills upon receiving the alert.

Another great example of beneficial text messaging can be noted with Google.  You can send a text message to find directions, information about weather, check a flight status, sports scores, basically almost anything.

An online service like ChaCha, says, “Ask us anything.”  All you do is send them a question and a live person will send you a message back with the answer to your question.

Text Messaging and Teens

Many experts agree that text messaging has served more bad than good, especially to the teenage population. There are obvious safety Text Messagingconcerns,especially with recent proposals to ban text messaging while driving. This obviously creates a distraction to drivers, putting other drivers and pedestrians at risk. Even while walking, people are more focused on typing messages, instead of avoiding pitfalls ahead of them.

Teenagers, by nature,  are already easily distracted at school. What little attention they were paying in class is now directed to their phone and text messaging.  This distraction can certainly contribute to falling grades, and poor report cards. Some kids are up all hours of the night messaging their friends causing a significant impact on sleep or the lack thereof.

I would think that increased cellular phone use, especially for text messaging, could have long term damaging effects for your hands and fingers. Text messaging is similar to typing, which has already been proven to cause problems like carpal canal syndrome. Although text messaging is not as comprehensive as using a computer keyboard, the increased usage may still be enough to cause some type of musculo-skeletal malady.

The use of abbreviations, short messages, and incomplete sentences has certainly lead to sloppy language skills. Although text messages are brief, they are sent so many times that in aggregate, it could certainly have an impact in linguistics. There are cases in which people catch themselves using “text message lingo” when writing academic papers or taking exams.

The Greatest Benefit of Text Messaging

Text Messaging

Perhaps the greatest benefit of text messaging is the simple fact that it connects people.  It provides a way to communicate and through communication, bonding occurs.  People develop an interest in other people, they want to know what’s going on with them and they willingly share what’s happening in their world.  These conversations would rarely, if never, take place in regular dialogue.

There are other situations where text messaging may be more appropriate then conversing on the phone, like in a restaurant, at church, or in a lecture.  Text messaging in this case adds a lot of convenience and doesn’t cause an irritating distraction to others.

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