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Text Message Flirting

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Why is text message flirting one of the greatest tools for building attraction?

Well, first think about everything that goes into building attraction with someone in the real world. Such as your hair, eyes, smell, confidence, words, timing, clothes, witty remarks, and the list goes on. I call these attraction triggers. Now, it’s hard to build attraction with someone in the real world because you have to account for every attraction trigger or else you will be unsuccessful in your dating. So basically, the less attraction triggers you have to deal with the better your chances of being successful in building attraction and interest. Text message flirting does just that. All you have to account for is words and timing and that’s it. You text the right words at the right time and you can expect to triple or double your success in Text Message Flirtingdating. I have seen it happen hundreds of times.

Text message flirting is the key to getting the ball rolling in the right direction. It’s the unnecessary, but crucial part in building attraction. One of your main purposes when text message flirting is to arouse curiosity. I’m going to share with you the 3 most important laws that you must follow whenever you are text message flirting.

Law #1 – When Text Message Flirting, Build suspense with timing (ten minute rule)

You must, at times, build suspense when text message flirting. It creates the roller coaster effect in your text messages. I always teach the ten minute rule to people that are just getting started… which is, “never send a text message within ten minutes of a vulnerable text message.” In other words, if the person text messages you something that makes them vulnerable such as, “ya I’ll come over, what time?” or “what are you doing tonight?”, you need to hold them in that uneasy (vulnerable) place for ten minutes before giving the relief that everything is cool with you.

It’s kind of like when you lose your keys or wallet. At first, it’s not too bad and you start looking. Then, as time goes on, you become more frantic and you start feeling uneasy inside. After about ten minutes, you are in a stressed-out state and you wish they would just appear! When you finally find them, you get this rush of relief and you feel really good because of the suspense and possibility of not finding them. Apply this same rule in your text message flirting. Build suspense at times.

Law #2 – When Text Message Flirting, Keep it light, fun and un-needy

You’re probably very fond of the stressful feeling of trying to send the right text message to someone you like? You’ve also probably sent text messages and immediately after sending them, you thought of something that would have been better to send, right? That’s because you cared way too much about what you were sending and it came across in your message. If you relax, and truly understand that there are plenty of fish in the sea, then you will send light and fun messages that don’t say, “please write back, i need you!”

Law #3 – When Text Message Flirting, Choose words that build attraction not friendship

Words are the most powerful influence in anyone’s life. It determines where you stand in any relationship and how strong that relationship is going to be. Now, I can’t just give you a bunch of words to text because it would take a lot more than just an article to explain everything (However, if you want a ton of proven text messages that work you should definitely get the ebook “The Ultimate Texting Guide.” It teaches you exactly what to text to be successful with women.)

What I can do is give you tips that help you construct more flirty text messages. That is, “text to build attraction not friendship.” Men fail big time here because they are so used to sending friendly messages and they carry that style into their text messages with women. What you’re first going to do is, before you ever send the message, read it and at the best of your emotional awareness, feel if it’s a friendly message or if it’s a message that is building interest (attraction.) Once you understand the difference more clearly, you will become a lot more successful with flirting and being desired.

Key point for men: you need to send messages that make women feel something. For example, let’s change those last messages to something more flirty: “Hey honey” “I was just in class and the teacher there reminded me of you, except she was cuter.” “Hey, we’re heading to a party, you should come?” You don’t get on a roller coaster because it’s boring, you get on it because you know you’re going to feel something – she will text you and desire you if you can create that same feeling.

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Text Messaging Effects

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Text messaging is so popular that in North America as of 2006 estimates, 40% of all cell phone users actively use SMS. In Europe the average is 85%. Throughout the world, the use of text messaging is rapidly expanding.  The average American teenager, according to Nielsen, will send and receive, on average, 2,272 text messages per month. Simple math tells you this equates to nearly 80 messages a day.  In the year 2000, an estimated 17 billion text messages were sent. By 2004, that number reached nearly 500 billion.  That change is staggering, because it equates to almost 85 text messages for every person in the world.

Is Text Messaging a Good Thing or a Bad Thing?

The popularity of text messaging has placed people in both positive and negative situations. For example, former US Representative, Anthony Wiener had his whole life turn upside down because of a sexting scandal.  This is just one example of many text messaging transgressions that have taken place in the political arena.

On a more positive note, text messaging is successfully utilized as a source of information and reminders. One of the best examples of the positive use of text messaging rests in the hand of credit card companies.  They provide reminders to card holders of upcoming due dates and minimum payment amounts. Patrons can now use their smart phones with internet capabilities to pay their bills upon receiving the alert.

Another great example of beneficial text messaging can be noted with Google.  You can send a text message to find directions, information about weather, check a flight status, sports scores, basically almost anything.

An online service like ChaCha, says, “Ask us anything.”  All you do is send them a question and a live person will send you a message back with the answer to your question.

Text Messaging and Teens

Many experts agree that text messaging has served more bad than good, especially to the teenage population. There are obvious safety Text Messagingconcerns,especially with recent proposals to ban text messaging while driving. This obviously creates a distraction to drivers, putting other drivers and pedestrians at risk. Even while walking, people are more focused on typing messages, instead of avoiding pitfalls ahead of them.

Teenagers, by nature,  are already easily distracted at school. What little attention they were paying in class is now directed to their phone and text messaging.  This distraction can certainly contribute to falling grades, and poor report cards. Some kids are up all hours of the night messaging their friends causing a significant impact on sleep or the lack thereof.

I would think that increased cellular phone use, especially for text messaging, could have long term damaging effects for your hands and fingers. Text messaging is similar to typing, which has already been proven to cause problems like carpal canal syndrome. Although text messaging is not as comprehensive as using a computer keyboard, the increased usage may still be enough to cause some type of musculo-skeletal malady.

The use of abbreviations, short messages, and incomplete sentences has certainly lead to sloppy language skills. Although text messages are brief, they are sent so many times that in aggregate, it could certainly have an impact in linguistics. There are cases in which people catch themselves using “text message lingo” when writing academic papers or taking exams.

The Greatest Benefit of Text Messaging

Text Messaging

Perhaps the greatest benefit of text messaging is the simple fact that it connects people.  It provides a way to communicate and through communication, bonding occurs.  People develop an interest in other people, they want to know what’s going on with them and they willingly share what’s happening in their world.  These conversations would rarely, if never, take place in regular dialogue.

There are other situations where text messaging may be more appropriate then conversing on the phone, like in a restaurant, at church, or in a lecture.  Text messaging in this case adds a lot of convenience and doesn’t cause an irritating distraction to others.


Send Free SMS Text Messages Online

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Free SMS Text Messages Change How We Communicate

Free SMS text messages are great examples of how communication evolves.  Once upon a time, we relied on pony express, the US Postal System, telephones, and even fax machines.   But, we evolved, we graduated to speedier and sometimes less intrusive forms of communication like email or instant messenger. Today, communication worldwide includes sending SMS text messages via cellphones or other handhelds.

So, what is SMS?

Short Message Service (SMS) is the general name for the technology which enables people to send and receive text messages via cellphones orSMS Text Messages other devices.

SMS text messages can include words, numbers or an alphanumeric combination; binary format is even supported.

Basically, SMS is a store and forward service. This means that messages are not sent directly from sender to recipient, but always through an SMS storehouse or center. You have a limited time to download or receive your messages, otherwise the messages are removed from the SMS storehouse.

Both message delivery and failure can be confirmed.

A  more in depth explanation of SMS text messages and how they are transmitted can be found at Wikipedia.

How Can You Send SMS Text Messages For Free?

Sending SMS is a great, quick way to communicate with friends and family. Unlike sending email, though, sending SMS messages is often not free.

Mobile phone companies design payment plans that allow you to send a certain number of text messages free per month. Or, if you pay enough of a monthly fee you may even be allowed to send an unlimited number of SMS text messages for free.  No matter the fee, free would be better.

Free SMS sites could be your solution.

There are many websites that allow you to send free SMS text messages online. All you need to do is type in your message, then enter the cellphone number you wish to send the text message to, and finally click the send button. Most often the messages are delivered immediately, or within the space of an hour or so.

Text Me Free is a directory of sites that allow you to send free SMS text messages.

Is Sending Free SMS text messages Really Safe?

Yes. Usually.  It should be safe to send free SMS text messages using a text messaging site, but many people have been trapped by sites that are less than honest.  Legitimate free SMS text messaging sites should never charge a fee of any kind.  They profit from the advertising on their websites, not from the actual messaging.

Sending SMS text messages to your friends and family can be quick, easy, and fun. Best of all, it can be done for free.

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